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Dj Abercrombie

DJ Abercrombie is as the Dutch Ambassador of stylish high end sounds, Abercrombie is everything his nation could be proud of: a DJ, producer, and remixer of the highest standard, and a stylish pin-up with Dutch reserve.

In a nutshell, there are two distinct sides to Abercrombie: a undeniable elegant and, a devoted dance music fanatic.

His musical influences are deeply rooted in 80s Funk and Disco sounds that spawned todays House music. With such a large mix, Abercrombie remains of one of clublands most empathic and most unpredictable DJs. Playing across genres and tempos his first goal is to share his love for music while moving your mind, body and soul.

Abercrombie's DJing career started in the late 90's. His mixshow was first of its kind making him a cult figure with dance music connoisseurs.

Thanks to his fashion exposure where he could showcase his personal edits he turned the heads of record labels.