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Jolanda van Remundt , a great female DJ's for coporate and private events. She is a dutch model and actrice that has a perfect mix of lounge, deephouse, jazz dance and danceable music and started her DJ career in 2005 immediately playing and touring the the world with her DJ sounds from Namibie, South Africa and all over Europe. She has played in all major clubs since then and is the perfect combintion for your event or dance party.

Jolanda speelde o.a. al voor Yacht Club Monaco, Luerssen, Eddie Jordan, Grand Prix van Monaco, West Indies Alexandra Hotel op Turks and Caicos, Dutch House of Dance Jakarta, Dutch Embassy Rhyiadh, Houthoff Buruma Advocaten, Feadship. Royal van Lent, Perrini Navy, Bettini, Bries, Vesper en Zuiderbad


  • Jolanda speelde o.a. for Luerssen SuperYaught Builders, StarsBars Monaco, Moncao Yaughtclub, Houthoff Buruma Advocaten, Hotel Caroline TCI Islands, Dutch House of DJ's Jakarta, Royal Van Lent Shipping, Feadship, Waijer, Monaco Yaught Show, Vesper Noordwijk,Bries Noordwijk,, De Beukehof Oegstgeest, The Butcher Amsterdam, Ronald Macdonald, Amsterdam Old Course, Noordwijkse Golfclub, De Goede Goyer Golfclub e.a.