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Minerva Sound Society

This musical experience begins when Dirk Boelhouwer and Guido Heeneman, two close friends, start experimenting with making their own music in the summer of 2002. As soon as they start to collaborate, a magical musical connection is made.

A first performance for friends and acquaintances is a great success. Dirk’s impressive vocal sounds and Guido’s jazz influenced compositions attract the attention of many people. Additional successful concerts with their own Dutch and English songs encourage the friends to continue in their musical experience. Eventually, a large acoustic performance in a church in Leiden, as part of a congres, is received so well that Dirk and Guido are convinced to pursue their musical dreams full time. Guido asks several musicians from other bands he knows and plays with to join him and Dirk in establishing a new band that writes and plays their own English songs. Paul, Benny, Axel and Bart join the band.
In September 2003 gig is born. The band practices and hones their sounds in Leiden. The group makes several studio demo recordings in November. gig’s music emerges and spans a spectrum including English pop with funky sounds and slower, meaningful ballads with heartfelt lyrics. The music of the band is being written by Guido and the lyrics both by Dirk and Guido. Together with the band they work very hard in order to create their own sound.
The band decides to go into the studio to record some new songs and to improve the old, already recorded, songs. They want to make a credible studio demo before they go on stage. The demo is very well received by a lot of people. Gig is now ready to perform. From the beginning gig’s live shows are extremely special. It is the intensity of Dirk’s passionate vocals together with the sounds of a band that can play hard funk rock that make the crowd go wild. gig creates music people can identify with on many levels.
After a lot of succesfull shows the band signs a contract with Pasadena Productions. At the moment Gig is trying to play themselves in the picture with the help of their fans and Pasadena Productions in order to fulfill their musical dream.