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Hans Dulfer

En van Nederlands bekendste en meest veelzijdige musici. Hans Dulfer volgt nauwlettend de nieuwste trends, maar zal altijd jazzmuzikant in hart en nieren blijven.Dulfer hoeft in de meeste Europese landen dan ook niet meer geintroduceerd te worden.

Dit mede door zijn hit BIG BOY die de album lijsten bestormde in 1994-1995. In zijn thuisland Nederland behaalde hij tevens de single top 10-hitlijsten.


  • Mid-1995 Dulfer made his first concert tour in Japan, where at the time he was hot with the single Hyperbeat, his first GOLD record and as such a milestone in his career. Dutch television followed him around, gasping at the pace of this 'monster of jazz' (also the name of the EMI sub-label Dulfer is on). To the amazement of his fans and sheer panic of his Japanese bodyguards, Dulfer personally shook everybody's hand after the gig. He made a lasting impression on his young, pop oriented audience.
  • In his own country Dulfer has already impressed several generations of audacious music lovers, and still does. He has fronted many bands, known several artistic ups and downs and paid his dues.