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DJ Phil Horneman (Wicked Jazz Sounds)

DJ Phil Horneman en Manne van der Zee organiseren Wicked Jazz Sounds. Op de Wicked Jazz Sounds feesten draaien dj's zoals Leroy Rey, Missing Links, Mr Speak, Urvinson en Phil Horneman terwijl ze samen spelen met live muzikanten en je mee nemen op hun reis vol met de warmte en diepte van Jazz met flirts richting funk, hip-hop, broken beat, soul, drum&bass, house en verder.

geboortejaar: 1967

Draait sinds: 1979

Draait waar: overal..overal..waar de meisjes zijn..waar de meisjes zijn

Quote: Carpe Diem

Favoriete plaat: Music – John Miles (1976)

Omvang platencollectie: groot…veel…maar nooit genoeg!


  • Why?
  • Well, he was born in Amsterdam and started off as a DJ somewhere in 1979, spinning 7-inch singles (the Jacksons, Karen Young, etc.) at schoolparties. Since then he’s done so many parties, fashion shows, grand openings, open-air festivals and performances that he should open his own website (coming soon!). To give you an idea what the man did in his short life, here’s a brief list of worthwhile activities:
  • 1967 BIRTH OF PHIL, 1969 at the age of two he ‘sung’ his first song… acapella! (Dave Berry – Now), 1971 plays his first record on his own ‘turntable’, 1979 first discjockey performance, 1982 kick-off pirate radiostation called ‘Sunshine Radio’, 1985 moves to Israel to prove his luck in music (IDF Radio), 1990 after a 5 year career trip, he returns to Amsterdam and together with his father opens the smallest CD-shop in Holland, 1992 picks up DJ’ing in a hotel-club, becomes resident DJ for frequently organised ‘Disco & Danceclassics’ parties Escape Venue, Amsterdam (‘Heaven must be missing an angel’), 1995 beside DJ’ing, he starts working as a music-consultant & producer (parties, fashionshows, dance-acts, commercials), 1997 closes CD-shop and starts working free-lance, 1998 founded WickedJazzSounds as a radio-show on local radio, 1999 starts WickedJazzSounds’nights and starts working at a local recordshop (Dance Tracks), 2000 plays in Moscow, Russia on New Years-eve, quits his radio-show; 2001 Dance Tracks; WickedJazzSounds at Martini Jazz Festival Eilat, Israel, Paradiso beach-party, S.O.A.P.-party and resident in several local clubs, caf�?’s & DJ hang-outs, Club Garvity, Lithouania and Moscow, Russia; several performances in clubs nationwide. Successful kick-off with monthly WickedJazzSounds at ‘451_F’, Amsterdam. Weekly clubnight as from october 2002 at ‘020’, Amsterdam, 2003 Several performances with WickedJazzSounds at i.e. Paradiso, Panama, Hotel Arena; WJS is winner of ‘Gouden Kabouter Award’ for best new initiative; Residency at club Panama, Amsterdam; As you see there a not that much DJ performances in this list. Phil spinned on such a big number of parties and you weren’t there at the moment, so why write it down.